Quad Offset Pendant


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Made to Order 3-7 business days

What are they?

This quad offset is beautifully formed and casted to an offset circle design individually and then assembled into a quad set. They are so lovely that it almost cast a spell on anyone who lays eyes on it! Definitely a conversation starter! The combination rings are paired with the shiny silver colour and plated rose gold / gold plated. This design bursts an exquisite classy look with quad tone mix colour or quad one toned. The design reminds us of love, joy and family.

They made great gifts for everyday wear (even in shower!) and is crafted with high grade stainless steel base that makes it a non tarnish and never corrode experience. They are polished to shiny finish.

The rose gold & gold colour are plated with high plating technique that will not easily fade away.

This design also available in 4 offset rings call Quad Offset!

What are they made of?

  • 316 stainless steel base metal; colour option: plated
  • ONE Quad Offset pendant measures in 3.8cm in diameter
  • Attached on stainless steel necklace, approximately 45cm length.
  • necklace length mentioned does not include bar pendant length

They are great for

  • Mother’s Day: Gifts for Aunts, Sisters, New Mums, Grandma,
  • Baby Shower: New Mums
  • Birthdays (30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th)
  • Anniversary
  • Valentines
  • Wedding Favours: Bridesmaid, Maid of Honour, For the Bride, Gifts for Mum, Gifts for Mum In Law

Tell me what to do! (Your Instructions)

Please leave me a note in the Inscription Box or Order Note of your inscription on each ring. This includes spaces and symbols too!

Please specify your custom sayings and name.

Small: (10 characters)
Medium: (16 characters)
Large: (20 characters)

Xlarge: (25 Characters)


For custom coordinates:

Due to size limit, please try to round up the coordinates to 25 characters only (including symbols & spaces).

Use http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/geocode to find your coordinates. You can use two different coordinates returned from the site as sample:

  • -37.779, 144.919
  • S37° 46.74′ E144° 55.14′

Where are they made from and how long?

Each piece is made custom to order. Please allow 3-5 business days to process your order or refer to our shop announcement during peak season such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, Father’s Day and Teacher’s Day.

Designed and crafted in Melbourne, Australia.

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How long is your processing time?

Usually processing time is 3 - 7 business days for most of my items with exception of sterling silver & hand cut out designs that will take 4-7 weeks. 

(Processing time excluding weekends and holidays, and delivery time) 

Is Pick-Up Available?

Unfortunately, I do not offer pick up services at this moment as I don't own a physical store. Shipping method is available to select during check-out.

If you need anything in a rush, kindly upgrade to express shipping. Please note, this exclude my processing time of your order. 

Do you inscribe on other jewellery or custom made others?

My Personalised Jewellery (MPJ) only accept any jewellery purchased previously from My Personalised Jewellery for additional inscription request (subject to fees / terms & conditions).

Unfortunately, I do not accept existing jewellery purchase from other stores due to the different ways in jewellery production and the difficulties to ascertain if the jewellery is suitable for inscription process. It is also difficult to find the exact replacements in the event if mishap happens.

MPJ only personalise on existing designs found online. However, I can have a look at what you're after to ascertain if I can fulfil your request. Please contact us through our Contact Page.

Holiday Seasons, Peak Seasons, Rush Orders

Given the nature personalised requests to suit you, I do try and complete orders within the specified Processing Time (subject to the content of the item). However, during the peak seasons my turnaround time may lead up to 2-4 weeks. Turn around time does not include delivery time by postal services. Please feel free to contact me if you need to rush your order.

Rush Order

When you purchased our Rush Order, it technically bump up your order processing timing. 

We normally process within 1-3 business days or sometimes shorter if it's not peak timing. 

Express postage usually takes 1-3 business days depending on domestic location. 

Note: We will notify you within 36 hours to let you know if we cannot fulfil the rush order. The rush order is not applicable to any Name Cut Out designs

What materials do you use for your jewellery?

925 Sterling Silver 

* occasionally I do sell 925 Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold Plated / Rose Plated jewellery

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually copper. Hence why it is called 925 sterling silver.

Silver tarnishes when it is exposed to the air. This process is called Oxidization and results in a tarnishing effect on the silver which is called Silver Sulphate. This is the chemical reaction the other metals and copper have with the air. This is what creates that blue/brown look on the silver. It can also leave marks on your skin if you haven’t cleaned the jewellery item.

The reason silver is mixed with other metals to create sterling silver is because silver on its own is too soft a metal for the everyday wear of jewellery. By mixing it with other metals, it makes it a stronger and harder wearing metal. A few people with especially moist skin may find that the sterling silver stains their skin green. This is due to the copper component of the silver alloy.

 When this occurs you should polish you jewellery frequently. As with any fine jewellery, avoid direct use of cosmetics, perfumes and hair care items on your jewellery.  Jewellery should be put on after make-up and hair products. Do not use ultrasonic cleaners or harsh jewellery cleaners, but rather silver polishing cloth and a soft damp cloth when necessary.

316 Stainless Steel (my favourite metal to work with)

Stainless steel is extremely strong and durable. It does not tarnish, corrode (will never go black) and will not discolour your skin. For our stainless steel gold and rose gold pieces; although our products are of high quality our gold & rose gold pieces may fade over time due to direct exposure to lotions, perfumes and acidic residue built up over time. To avoid fading, regular cleaning of your piece in some water and dry thoroughly will help with longer lasting colour. 

It is really hard to determine a specific length of wear as it will depend on the condition of use. The plating method used is quite advanced and is designed not to rub away quickly. Remember, metal against metal or rubbing against desks at work, or contact with harsh chemicals may cause scuff, denting or fading. 

Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Alkeme

We use other non precious metals such as Aluminium, Brass, Copper and Alkeme.  Aluminium & Alkeme will not tarnish and they look exactly like polished sterling silver.  Brass and Copper will tarnish just like sterling silver.

Using a jewellery cleaning cloth to polish your items will bring back their shine. 

Handle your Personalised Locket with care:-

  • Handle with care & love.
  • The glass on your Locket is fragile & can break.
  • To keep your Locket looking shiny & new, gently use a dry polishing cloth.
  • Take off your jewellery when using harsh chemicals, applying beauty products or entering extreme heat or cold.
  • Locket may be dangerous and hazardous for kids under the age of 3 years old.
Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

All My Personalised Jewellery is made of high grade 316 stainless steel metal unless specified otherwise in the product description.

The 316 stainless steel rose gold and gold are coated with the colour using an advanced technology of plating called “Ion Plating”. To care and keep your jewellery looking new, use a soft cloth for cleaning. Gently wash with soap and dap to dry. Avoid using any chemical cleaners or polishing it (polishing is ok for non plated metals such as brass, copper and sterling silver). To retain the lasting plating, keep your jewellery separated and avoid wearing it during house chores, swimming or any heavy active activity. Please avoid jewellery from coming in contact with acne medications, mosquitoes sprays and perfume.

Depending on how it is used, it will get scuff / scratches, metals will bend, darkened letters & plating may wear away or it may also aged gracefully with proper care. Your piece may start to look dull due to body oil; dirt, grime and acidic residue build up over time. When cleaning jewellery there is no need to use chemicals. You can simply wash your pieces in some water and dry thoroughly with a cotton cloth.


Most metals will tarnish over time, except stainless steel & aluminium. Tarnished metals can be easily polish to shine with special polishing cloths.

Note: this does not apply to stainless steel as you will scratch the plated surface.

 How to store your jewellery.

* Try to store your jewellery separately so it doesn't scratch the jewellery. (plastic bags are wonderful for protecting jewellery pieces)
*Jewellery should only be put on after washing and applying any makeup, hair spray, gels, lotions or perfume.
*Try to protect any jewellery from harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and sunlight.
*Always try to store your necklaces or bracelets flat.
*You should not wear jewellery while doing household or outdoor chores.
*You should never wear any jewellery when swimming. The chlorine can cause damage to various mix metals or strip of the darkened letters.
*Store your jewellery in a clean, dry place.
* A simple wash with soap and dry it gently with tissue paper is good enough.

 Note: with proper care by following our above guidelines, your jewellery will be well maintain for many years.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Lisa was fantastic I made a mistake in spelling and emailed her a 2 days later thinking I was to late for a change but she fixed it and replied back quickly.

Wonderful and the person I gave it too absolutely loved it......

The only thing extra I would add about it would be the engraving needed to be deeper I so it stands out more on the pendant as the writing is not very noticeable

Customised Quad Offset Pendant

This was my second purchase from My Personalised Jewellery. I was wishing to purchase a customised pendant but what I was looking for wasn’t on the website so Lisa photographed various options and emailed them through to me within a couple of hours. Her service is amazing! Prompt responses to my questions and clear communication on how to place orders. Lisa goes above and beyond to make sure her customers happy. I was so pleased with the final product and the recipient was even more delighted. Lisa’s jewellery is gorgeous and of a very high quality. This won’t be my last purchase .

Quick and Easy!!

I ordered a Quad Offset Pendant for my mum for Mother's Day. The online ordering process was simple and quick. I received the item in the post within three days to regional NSW. The engraving was lovely, and my mum loved it!! Would definitely recommend, and would purchase again.


Bought this for my mother’s birthday and I’m so glad I did. I got it so fast and it’s so precious. Will definitely be ordering from My Personal Jewellery again!!! Amazing <3


Thankyou for the personalised necklaces, they look great

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